About This Blog

Hi, I’m Lauren, Salt Lake City Native, Lover of Books and Mother of Cats.

In 2019 I found myself in a reading slump, which hasn’t happened to me very often. I realized that I had been reading fantasy almost exclusively for over ten years. I needed to switch things up, and this blog was born.

As a reader, I needed variety, and I realized that my writing could also benefit from exposing myself to diverse voices and genres. I’ve shared my lessons learned from this reading adventure in my book review blogs from 2019-2020.

When I’m not reading, I’m writing speculative fiction and poetry. (You can check out my published work under “Read My Work.”) I also occasionally self-publish poems and short prose on this site and Instagram. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Medium to see poems and super short stories that I only share with my followers.

My prose is inspired by many things, but I frequently find myself writing on the line between fiction and reality. History is full of dramatic, strange events that seem fantastical. Science is often way weirder than anything we could come up with. I love taking these real-life fantastical elements and weaving them with my imagination. My current novel in progress is inspired by the harsh and awesome world of the ancient Andes.

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